Who are we?


CaniKaze84 (CK84) is an association law 1901 having for object the development and the practice of the sports of Sled on snow and on earth, of ski-joering, of skipulka, mountain bike-joering, of canicross, cani-walking as well as all the disciplines were diverted with hitched dogs.

The association is affiliated to the French Federation of the Sports of Sled (FFST), ski/mountain bike joering and of canicross, agent with the Ministry of Sports.

CaniKaze84 (CK84) is based to Violès (Vaucluse 84) FRANCE.


CaniKaze84 (CK84) organizes trainings in Vaucluse via the group Facebook: "Canicross - CaniVtt Vaucluse (84)" for the disciplines "is in hiding and snow" following ones:

  • CaniCross
  • CaniVTT
  • Cani-walks
  • Cani-scooter
  • Ski-joering
  • Kickspark (scooter)
  • Sleds

We participate regularly in races/competitions in France.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Canikaze bikerr


Canikaze runner

Our association was created in 2016. 

She contains this day (in May, 2016), XXX members.

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